Season Fees

0.5 HR/WK      $450

0.75HR/WK     $500

1.0HR/WK       $600

1.25HR/WK     $650

1.5HR/WK       $850

1.75HR/WK     $875

2.0HR/WK       $1160


2.5HR/WK      $1450

3.0HR/WK      $1650

3.5HR/WK      $1750

4.0HR/WK      $2150

4.5HR/WK      $2350

5.0HR/WK      $2550

5.5HR/WK      $2650

6.0HR/WK      $2750

7+HR/WK       $2950 

8+HR/WK      $3150




SPECIALITY CLASS FEES (Lyrical/ Stage Repertoire/ Young Choreographer):  

$190 plus $50 Costume Deposit.

MOTHER DANCER 2021: $290 for a family of 2 performers. $15 for additional family members. Families will be responsible for organizing their own costumes (non-refundable).

 ADULT CLASS: Session 1: $240.  Session 2: $240.   Show Fee:  $100.  Adult dancers that wish to participate in the show are responsible for organizing their own costumes (non-refundable).

PARENT AND STAR 2 YEAR OLD CLASS: Session 1: $200. Sept 9th - Dec 2nd. Session 2: $200. Jan 6th - April 6th (no costume deposit required/ non-refundable).


No Hidden Fees, All taxes included. Payable in advance.

Fees are calculated for the complete season, September through June. 

All students are expected to complete the entire Dance Season. 

We budget and hire staff for the same period.     


Fees can be divided into 8, 4 or 2 payments for your convenience. 

Mother Dancer/ Speciality classes/ Team G Dance/ Adult classes/ Solos/ Duets and Small Group fees are separate and must be paid in full upon registration. Non refundable. Please register for further details. 

The April payment is payable April 1st. Any outstanding balances paid after April 1st will incur $40 late fee.  Your dancer will not be able to participate in the year end show if any outstanding fees are not paid up to date. 


PROCESSING FEE per dancer: $48.00 (NON - REFUNDABLE) Fee includes video footage of year end show.

Cheque payments for processing fee to be dated Aug 1, 2019


DISCOUNTS: Family rate 4% discount per dancer per Season fees. 4% discount on tuition paid in full by September 9th 2019. Discounts do not apply to Jumpstart subsidy or any other programs as such. Discounts are applied only upon request.


METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cash, post-dated cheques, e-transfers, credit cards (Visa/ Mastercard/ Amex) Credit card payments incur a 3.5% convenience fee per transaction.

Cheques made out to: Studio G Dance Academy LTD. All cheques are to be dated the 1st of the month. 


Credit Cards/ Auto-Pay: Customers are to enrol in auto-pay where your credit card details are required. Sign up for auto-pay is completed when you first login to your Parent Portal. Your Portal login information will be issued to you once your registration form has been processed. Auto-pay (charge to your credit card) will only be applied if payments for tuition or any other balances are 5 days overdue. Customers also have the option to subscribe to auto-pay if they solely wish to have their monthly tuition plan charged to their credit card. Credit card payments automatically incur a 3.5% convenience fee per transaction.

Staff are hired for the year according to minimum class sizes as established in September. For this reason, fees are NON-REFUNDABLE except for medical reasons with a Doctor's letter. The balance of fee will be returned as of the next month via cheque to be collected from the studio within the current season. All refunds and Fee Adjustments are subject to a $40 administration fee. Any outstanding accounts must be paid in full prior to registration. There will be no refunds for any specialty classes (Stage Repertoire, Mother Dancer , Young Choreographer, Lyrical, Team G Dance, Privates: solos, duets, trios, small groups).

Classes canceled due to snow or illness will be rescheduled later in the season only if time permits. This does not apply to class cancellations or schedule changes due to competitions, exams, costume fittings, rehearsals, trips, performance events or photographs.


Accounts that are 45 Days or more in arrears will unfortunately result in dance services being with-held.  Dancers are still requested to attend classes, but will be asked to sit and watch until the account is brought up to date.



Funds are repayable in credit cards, cash or e-transfer, plus a $40.00 fee. Returned Cheque Charge $40.00.






Cell phones, Ipods, and camera’s (or any recording devices) are prohibited from the changing room & bathroom areas.

SDGA will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Students may bring their electronics into class to prevent theft, but they must be turned OFF and placed in the green baskets. SGDA will not be held responsible for missing or stolen personal items.

Taking photos or videos of others without the permission of the Artistic Director is prohibited on SGDA property. 

A photo release consent form for your dancer needs to be filled out upon registration.

To protect choreographers work, posting video footage of choreography on social media without asking for consent is prohibited. If permission is granted, a maximum of 40 seconds may be posted giving credentials to the choreographer and Studio G Dance Academy.

Please do not wash or wear them outside of necessary performances, they are irreplaceable. The cost of a costume can cost between $80 - $120.

COSTUME DEPOSITS: $50 each costume. Costume deposits are non-refundable after Sept 9th, 2019. The remaining balance of your costumes will be available to view on your Parent Portal. Costumes are only handed out when accounts have been paid in full.



Dancers must be invited onto the competitive program. A strong level of time and commitment for class attendance is required, and dancers must attend all mandatory classes.

RAD ballet exams are mandatory.

Additional costs for costumes, makeup, travel, hotels and competition fees are expected for competitive Dancers. Dancers on SGDA competitive team are to solely represent Studio G Dance Academy and therefore, can not compete on an additional team at another dance studio/ company. Joining extra performing projects/ showcases/ companies may be permitted under the Artistic Director’s approval and must not conflict with any of SGDA’s schedules/ events/ policies.

Dancers in the Competitive Program are required to attend all scheduled competitions. Competitions run from February - May and such dates are given at the start of the season. In an event where a dancer informs SGDA later in the season that they are unable to attend a competition, they will be billed for the cost of all additional group costumes for their understudy. Billed for any additional rehearsals/ coaching. Performance for each group dance in the year end show will be limited to one show and opportunities for solos will not be offered for the following season. (Does not apply to illness/injury with a doctors note).

SGDA has the right to pull dancers from a competition up to 3 weeks prior to an event if the dancer is injured/ in ill health/ poor attendance/ display unacceptable behaviour or poor sportsmanship. SGDA’s refund policy on competition fees align with refund policies of the selected competition organization.

Solos/ Duets/ Small Groups: SGDA are open to receiving requests from the dancers but can not guarantee those requests will be met. Solos, duets and small groups are offered to those who have displayed outstanding commitment, improvement, and work ethic in the Competitive Program. Solos will not be offered for the following season if a Competition is missed and/or attendance is unsatisfactory.

Dancers in the Competitive Program are assessed each season. SGDA faculty have the right to place a dancer back into the General Program if they do not fulfill the commitment and/or expectations required for the Competitive Program. 



SGDA Ballet Faculty strongly recommends your dancer to be entered into either an RAD graded exam or presentation exam during the spring semester. The exams are designed to encourage and motivate students to achieve goals at all levels and abilities, along with providing recognition from the world’s largest ballet examination board and gaining qualifications accredited by Canada regulatory authorities.

Dancers must display punctuality, commitment, progression and willingness to learn in order to be entered into an RAD exam/ presentation class. Dancers must attend at least two ballet classes a week. It is under the discretion of the Ballet Faculty to decide which entry (exam or presentation class) is suitable for your dancer.

Exam length: Ranges from 35 minutes to 100 minutes depending on the Grade and number of students in each set.

Entry fees: Range from $85 - $350 depending on Grade. 

Additional fees include: mock exams/ rental fees/ pianist fees, administration fees, coaching/ intensive week fees: Only if the Ballet Faculty feels they are required.

Dancers must wear the RAD uniform. Please see DRESS CODE.

Optional exams offered in ISTD Tap and Acrobatic Arts syllabus.


No jewellery allowed accept stud earrings. Hair must be pulled back off the face. Hair in a bun with hairnet for ballet. No visible bra straps/underwear showing. Dancers who do not wear the correct dance attire will be asked to sit in class. Please see DRESS CODE for more information. 

Local Dance Store: Silhouette Theatre and Dance Shop, 123 5th Street, Courtenay, BC, V9N 1J3. Tel: 250 334 9219


Receipts for dance fees will be issued upon request at the time of payment and will only be issued for the current Dance Season.


SGDA reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrolment. If this should happen, we will do our best to find an alternative class for your dancer. Cheques issued will STILL BE DEPOSITED in the case of student withdrawal. SGDA faculty have the right to move a dancer to an alternative class suitable for their level of ability.