The competitive program (age 6 and up) is suitable for the more serious dancer with a sound technical background in dance; that loves to compete; or may even be striving to pursue a career as a professional dancer. Extra commitment to the competitive program is required with added time and finance for training; travel; rehearsals and competition fees. Dancers must be assessed and invited by our faculty to be a part of this program. Competitive group choreography is performed in the year end show.

PLEASE NOTE: Competitive Program dancers are required to start one week prior to the main studio start date for setting group choreography - schedule tba



Minis: Age 6 years +

Juniors: 9 years +

Intermediates: 11 years +

Seniors: 12 years +



The following classes are mandatory for the competitive dancer in order to maintain a high standard of technique and develop well-rounded dancers for a broad spectrum of choreography. 


An open ballet class teaching the fundamental techniques of ballet which is the foundation for all dance styles. Develop correct placement, alignment and increase core strength. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY).


RAD ballet follows the worldwide recognized exam board, the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Dancers will either take an exam or presentation exam in their allocated grade class. It is under the discretion of the SGDA ballet faculty to decide if your dancer is ready for an exam or presentation. (NON-PERFORMANCE, EXAMS ONLY).


Jazz classes includes turns, jumps, isolations technique, and across the floor combinations to up beat music. Dancers explore different styles of jazz from theatre, commercial, traditional to jazz funk. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY)


ISTD tap follows the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus. It has been recently revised and uses a range of modern day music, whilst exploring different genres within tap dance itself. Students will work on fundamental steps reinforced through practice & repetition. Option for tap exams will be offered. If SGDA tap faculty feels a dancer is strong enough, competitive choreography in tap may be offered as solos, duets and small groups. (COMPETITIVE TBD/ PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR END SHOW & OPTIONAL EXAMS)


A Contemporary class has a strong influence from Modern technique combined with ballet, jazz and lyrical. A strong emphasis is on the use of breath, contractions, and suspension and fall work. Ages 9 and up only. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY).


Body Conditioning classes are designed to increase the dancers core strength and target muscle groups primarily used for developing strong technique. A variety of stretch exercises are introduced to reach maximum flexibility and endurance exercises to increase stamina. (NON-PERFORMANCE)



Optional Classes are highly recommended to continue the development of a strong technician and performer.


Fusion focuses on exploring contact work, partnering skills, lifts and improvisational skills fused with contemporary/ modern technique and theatrical elements. Emphasis on expressive and free movement and thinking, encouraging the dancer to expand their creativity in various dance disciplines. Also a perfect introduction to contemporary dance for the younger dancer. (PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR END SHOW).


Hip Hop incorporates the latest in street dances: House, Popping/Locking, Crumping, Animation etc. A dance style used in the commercial pop industry in music videos and concerts. It is recommended that dancers also take some formal training to help with musicality, rhythm, coordination and strength. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY / PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR END SHOW)


ACRO at SGDA follows the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus which focuses on fundamental acrobatic technique for the DANCER. Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control & concentration. Students will start with being introduced to handstands, chin stands, cartwheels, bridges, walkovers, balances and flexibility skills. Once these fundamental skills are mastered then dancers can progress to advanced skills including ariels, handsprings etc only when the SGDA acro faculty feel they are ready. Acro is not a tumbling or gymnastics class. Options to take Acrobatic Arts exams will be offered. If SGDA faculty feels a dancer is strong enough, competitive choreography in acro may be offered as a solo/ duet or small group. (PERFORMANCE TBD. OPTIONAL EXAMS).


INVITATION ONLY. Dancers must display a strong foundation in ballet technique to be invited to take Pointe classes. Age 11 and up. If SGDA ballet faculty feel a dancer is strong enough, competitive choreography in pointe may be offered as a solo/ duet or small group. (COMPETITIVE TBD/ GROUP PERFORMANCE AFTER A MINIMUM OF 2 YEARS POINTE WORK TRAINING).


Jazz technique in heels to prepare dancers for theatrical choreography for styles such as Charleston; Can Can; Fosse; Cha-Cha; Swing; and Musical Theatre.  Age 13 and up. Heels must be 3" character/stage heels (NO latin/ballroom heels). Please see your teacher for more details. (COMPETITIVE TBD/ PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR END SHOW)


Virtuosity focuses on training for advance tricks, turns and jumps used in jazz, ballet and contemporary. Dancers must have excellent core strength and technique to execute virtuosity moves. Age 12+ Intermediates and Seniors only. (NON - PERFORMANCE)


Aroma-stretch is a slow stretch class designed to support mind and body relaxation while using essential oils.  Dancers are to wear any comfortable clothing, no socks.  Ages 9+ all levels welcome. (NON - PERFORMANCE)


Speciality Classes are choreography only classes offering the dancer additional performing experience for competitions and the year end show. These are not calculated into the seasons fees and must be paid in full upon registration. 


Lyrical combines ballet and jazz technique to display fluidity and grace. Normally faster paced than ballet yet slower than jazz to create an emotionally mature dance. Age juniors and up. This class is not calculated in the season fees. Fees are to paid in full upon registration. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY).


A fun and theatrical dance representing a theme from a popular musical, movie or tv show. This class is not calculated in the season fees. Fees are to paid in full upon registration. Age juniors and up. (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY).


This unique class offers students 12yrs+ the opportunity to explore the creative process of developing group choreography. Dancers will design/select costumes, choose music and generate a conceptual frame work for a choreography which will be entered in competition under the “Young Choreographers” category.  The instructor will educate and use reflection to assist dancers as well as provide educational materials, choreography studies and support the written aspects of choreography design. Space is limited. Age 12 and up.  (COMPETITIVE GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY).


A fun performance opportunity for dance moms to perform on stage with their dancer. Dance moms can be complete beginners to experienced, you just need to be in it for the love and fun! Learn all the necessary dance moves and fancy footwork from September to December, then start piecing the choreography together with your dancer from January till show time. The class/performance runs every other year. Mother Dancer participants are expected to commit to class for the whole season. Next Mother Dancer sign up is for September 2020 season (June 2021 show). This class is not calculated in the season fees. Fees are to paid in full upon registration. (PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR END SHOW).