team g dance trip -Broadway new york july 2020

Registration Fee: $250.00 CAD payable to Studio G Dance Academy upon registration (non-refundable)





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Dancers Name
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Home Postal Address
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Your emergency cell/ contact number that we will be able to reach you on while you are in New York
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I understand a non-refundable registration fee of $250 CAD is payable to Studio G Dance Academy Ltd upon registration *
Studio G Dance Academy requires a $250 non-refundable registration fee to guarantee your dancer’s place on Team G Dance. This fee covers the cost of a team T-shirt, administration for parental information, rehearsals, choreography, teaching and coaching over the next 2 seasons. Fees are payable to Studio G Dance Academy Ltd (Cash/ cheques/ online bank transfers accepted). Broadway New York Fees are due 2019 (TBA)
I will provide a photocopy of my dancer's birth certificate upon registration *
I understand that I am responsible for booking my own flights, medical/ travel insurance, transportation to the airports and New York Hotel. Have a valid passport that does not expire at least 6 months before the date of travel. *
I have read, understand and agree to the Team G Dance policies and SGDA's studio policies *
Please click on the tab located at the bottom of this form to read the Team G Dance policies. Studio G Dance Academy's standard policies can be located under "About" tab on the website.
I agree for my dancer's photo to be taken and allow SGDA to use the images for advertising purposes on posters/brochures/ websites/ social media/ studio notice board. *
We require that the dancer’s PARENT/ GUARDIAN reads and agrees to the following waiver: The DANCER/ PARENT/ GUARDIAN waives and releases Studio G Dance Academy Ltd; any program; and its employees from any and all claims for personal injury arising during the participation in any program, and or while waiting unsupervised before and after class/ rehearsals. The DANCER/ PARENT/ GUARDIAN has read the Team G Dance flyer for general information, fulfills the requirements for the trip and accepts all polices.